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Updated 12.21.17

All rules and prizing are subject to be updated and may change throughout the year. Please check back here periodically.

Eligibility Rules

At least one key member of the DJ/group must currently be enrolled at a US college or University.

All genres and sub-genres of DJ-centric music and/or electronic music and artistry are accepted and encouraged.

Process and Judging

Step 1: Register and create a free account

Step 2: Create a Profile by signing up using your email, then connecting your SoundCloud and other social media accounts.

Step 3: Share your DJ Profile and get friends and fans to Vote for you

Step 4: Selection: In selected Regions of the country, DJs compete on stage for prizing and advancement. Judge selections, along with the most popular DJ on the website receive entry to their Regional Battle*

Step 5: Regional Battle winners advance to a National Vote for advancement to the National Finale. Finalists compete against the best in the country to become the National Champion.

Judging Criteria

Judging is based on three criteria: 1) Originality, 2) Strength of Show, 3) Overall Potential.

Wild Cards

All DJs are encouraged to continue getting votes throughout the year, as they count towards general site rankings and additional Wild Card prizing opportunities. Regional Battles and National Finale may have a Wild Card selection added by the judges. Not every Battle will include a Wild Card selection, but the overall site leader in each Region will get an invite to compete live. Wild Cards are chosen at the judges' discretion in order to balance competition format when spots are available, and to offer additional prizing opportunities to competing DJs.


In addition to awesome exposure, winning DJs also take home incredible prizes. 2018 Prizes to be announced soon.

2016-17 Prize List:

The title of National Champion.
Free burritos for a year from Chipotle.
$2,500 Cash Prize from Chegg & Campus DJ.
$2,500 Donation from Chegg to a charity of choice.
Custom Monster Energy Drone.


All votes are subject to qualification and review, to ensure legitimate voting. We reserve the right to disqualify any participant where, in our sole discretion, we believe cheating was involved.

For the judge selections, music industry professionals along with the show producers choose three or more artists to compete in each Regional Battle, along with the online vote leader at time of submission deadline, to comprise 3-4 or more college DJs competing at each battle.