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What is Campus DJ?
Campus DJ is the only nationwide search for the top college DJs and music producers.

What is CAMPVS Entertainment?
CAMPVS Entertainment (sometimes referred to as just CAMPVS) is the parent company of Campus DJ, College Battle of the Bands, and more!

When was it founded?
Campus DJ was founded in 2012, with initial season of events in Spring 2013.

Why was it created?
After running College Battle of the Bands (CBOB) for 4 years nationally from 2009-2012 for live musicians and artists, there was an increasing number of DJ submissions coming into CBOB. Campus DJ was born in 2013 and has been met with strong demand by college DJs and music producers, and school administrations.

Who is eligible to compete?
DJs and music producers who are current undergraduates at any official college or university are eligible to compete.

What is the schedule?
See Tour Page for latest announcements and events:

Notable Alumni:
Flaxo (Columbia U) now known as Wingtip
Almand (Ithaca College)
Sokko & Lyons (U of Oregon)
Halogen (Georgia State U)
Bentley Montes (UCLA) x King Tutt (Icon Collective)
Jill Strange (Columbia College - Chicago)
DJ Kurr (Florida State U)
Yi (Texas State U)
Matsu & Flores (Indiana U)

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